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Grange News
Mountain County Pomona Grange October News

By Todd Gelineau

  October 8, 2016 --

Nov. 14: Meeting at Eureka

Dec. 12: Meeting at Winchester, Grab Bag Gift Exchange

It was voted at our June meeting to omit the October meeting of Pomona as it always has made the week of State Session much more complicated for those who are delegates, officers and committee members at State Grange. Our meeting schedule will resume on November 14 when we meet at Eureka Grange Hall. December 12 will be our Christmas meeting to be held at Winchester Grange with a grab bag.

The Pomona Handbooks have been printed. One complication of omitting the October meeting is distribution of handbooks. We will make every attempt to get them into the Granges as soon as possible. Those Granges with delegates to State Session will definitely get them there if not prior. If you would like to make arrangements to pick them up, please call Todd Gelineau at (860) 307-1522. They would be very expensive to mail so it might be worthwhile to give Todd a call. They can be made available at the first meeting of Winchester Grange in October if you would like to arrange to pick-them up there on Oct. 11.


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