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Mountain County Pomona July News Update

By Todd Gelineau

  JULY 21, 2016 --

Mountain County Pomona takes the summer off but the summer is the perfect time to sell as many Gift Card drawing tickets as possible. Money to purchase the cards is donated by the officers and members. If you haven’t made a donation yet, please do so by contacting Earl Phillips, George Russell or Todd Gelineau. The more money available means the more gift cards to be drawn in September.

Tickets for the drawing were distributed at the June meeting of Pomona and are available from each Pomona officer and envelopes of tickets will be made available to each Grange in the Pomona. Tickets are only $1 each. This is the only major fundraiser of the year for Mountain County… please support it and sell as many as you can. If you would like your own booklets to purchase or sell, please let Todd Gelineau know by calling 860-307-1522 and we will be happy to get booklets to you.

As of this writing, the June meeting of Pomona has yet to happen. It is our annual trip to Sharon and Taghhannuck Grange. As it is an off election year, we will elect one member of the Executive Committee and will have a regular Lecturer’s program. The sun stays up much longer this time of year so driving in the dark isn’t so much of an issue… we would love to see you!

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