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Grange News
Join the 2014 CT State Grange Poker Run
  JANUARY 7, 2014 --

The CT State Grange Poker Run Starts as soon after January 1, 2014 as possible.  Cards will be provided by the State Grange.  If your Community Grange chooses to start prior to receiving the State Grange supplied cards, please write your Grange number in permanent marker on the back side of the card.  Pomona Granges are to put a “P” in front of your number.


Cards are to be shuffled prior to giving them out.

Cards are to be given to visitors ONLY.

Only one card per visitor.

A Prize will be awarded to the member(s) with the best Poker hand at the 2014 State Grange Session.

A Prize will be awarded to the Member who has the most cards in their hand.

Other random Prizes will be awarded


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