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Do You Remember: Carl (Bud) MacLaurin

By Betty Jane Gardiner

  DECEMBER 18, 2013 --

There is no doubt that Carl P. (Bud) MacLaurin became known to everyone from the time he and Geraldine and son, Jimmy, came to Connecticut from Maine and settled in Canton.  They became an active family in the community.

Bud joined the Canton Volunteer Fire Company which he served for many years.  He played a big part in the Masonic Order.  The family joined the Grange and became officers in Cawasa Grange No. 34 and Farmington Valley Pomona No. 11.  Bud was especially good with the ritual, doing a great job for his Grange and Pomona- and helping with the degrees at other Granges as well.

One year when he was Master of the Pomona, the Grange earned the highest score at inspection they had ever had.  Bud was so pleased and proud- but he always gave full credit to his “team.”

He had a twinkle in his eye, was known as a bit of a flirt, and possessed a rare sense of humor.

He enjoyed Lecturer’s work often writing skits or building props and scenery with his handyman skills.  He cut down trees and put them into place for degree conferrals.

When the Pomona Granges were asked to compete by putting up displays at the Connecticut Agricultural Fair Bud was always in the middle of activity – which accounted in a big way for the many successes the Pomona enjoyed.

He was great at fixing things and was often seen heading for his truck with toolbox in hand going to a place where someone needed help with something.  He’d never take any pay for the good he did – unless the payment offered happened to be a gag of black jelly beans – his favorites.

He had many hobbies and interests- antique cars, bowling, playing cards or board games, fishing and gardening.  He maintained a huge garden and shared its bounty with friends and neighbors at harvest time.

Many a picnic was enjoyed at the MacLaurin’s – with the highlights being Gerry’s good cooking and Bud presiding over the yard and pool making everyone feel at home.

The family had pets.  Everyone knew their furry friends by name- and knew they were spoiled rotten!!  I remember a night when I had to call Bud on Pomona business.  Gerry answered the phone and told me he could not come to the phone just then, but would call me back.  The returned call came about an hour later and Bud apologized for not calling sooner – but the cat was sleeping on his lap – so he had to wait until the nap was over.  He was a real softy!

There was a strong friendship between the MacLaurins and the Frank Prellis.  Bud served as General Deputy for Frank and then started his journey toward the Master’s Station.  Gerry was so proud of her Bud and stood smiling beside him each step along the road.  She looked forward to the day when he would take the highest position.  But it wasn’t to be.  The love of Bud’s life was called to the Great Grange Above just before he was elected Master.  It wasn’t easy for him to go on but he knew she would have anted it that way.

With the support of his family and friends and with the help of our State Secretary (Marion Beecher) whom he called “Maid Marion”, he began his term and went on to become a fine leader for our state organization showing the same quiet strength he possessed when the family years before lost their beloved little granddaughter Bonnie.

Through his love of golf, Bud met a charming lady – Jeannette Ryan who joined the Grange, was liked by everyone and became a good companion to Bud until the day when he stood with her family saying “Good bye.”

Bud never lost the twinkle in his eye or stopped being a flirt – he was just made that way.  Do remember Bud!

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