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Mountain Cty. Pomona October News Update

By Todd Gelineau

  OCTOBER 5, 2012 --

Mountain County Pomona began the new Grange year on September 10 with a meeting at the beautifully restored Beacon Grange Hall.  All members present gave high praise to their members for all of the hard work they have put into (and continue to give) to bringing the hall back from the verge of literal collapse.  The ceilings are repaired, floors and walls painted, roof replaced, ceiling fans installed, etc., etc., etc.

State Master Jody Cameron also attended this meeting for a very important purpose.  The revitalization of Litchfield Grange is the highest priority right now as another heating season approaches and the State Grange is anxious to have the hall turned over to a new Grange group.  It is now up to the Pomona to decide what role we will take in determining the future of Litchfield Grange.  The Master and the Executive Committee will work on proposals to be presented at the October meeting at Winchester Grange.  If you are willing to help in any way in working on the revitalization of Litchfield Grange, please let Master George Russell, General Deputy Todd Gelineau or State Master Jody Cameron know as soon as possible.  Levels of participation will vary from hanging posters, to helping host an open house, or even working on refreshments for an open house (to name just a very few).  In short, there is work for all and the more members involved, there greater the chance for success.  Litchfield is an extremely important community for the Connecticut State Grange to maintain its presence and really is an ideal community for a Grange... we just need to get out and let the community know why the Grange is important to their community!

The Fifth Degree will be conferred at the Oct. 8 meeting at Winchester Grange and we encourage all members who wish to become Pomona members to come and take the degree, making them eligible for the Sixth Degree the following week at the State Grange Session in East Hartford.

Mountain County has a new website!  Go to www.MountainCountyPomona.org and bookmark it today!  We will work to make sure content is constantly updated so members can find out the latest meeting and event information with the click of a mouse.


Oct. 8:  Greetings - 5th Degree, Winchester Grange, Dinner at 6 P.M., $5.00, Meeting 6:00 P.M.

Nov. 12:  Messages- Taghhannuck Grange Hall


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