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Cawasa Grange awards $50,000 in scholarships

By Canton News (6/5/12)

  JUNE 6, 2012 --

Cawasa Grange No. 34 gave out $50,000 worth of scholarships to Canton High School students Wednesday, May 30 at the school auditorium.

$20,000 was presented to Andrew Millar, according to Marguerite Schofield, grange secretary.

Scholarships of $2,500 each were given to Amber Case, Stephen Gauthier, Gillian Goeler, Matoaka Kipp, Adrienne Kunkel, Christina Nicholas, Zachory Wiles and Julia Kuhlberg.

Scholarships for $2,500 for technical schools were awarded to Andrew Baugher, Mark Radocy, Allison Coutu and Cooper Siebers.

“We are very pleased to do this, because Burton and Lucilla Harrington, a brother and sister who lived in Collinsville all their lives, gave $500,000 to the Canton Public Library and $500,000 to our Grange in the late 1990s,” Schofield said. “Our money grew and we decided to put it in a fund for Canton High School graduates.”

Scholarship recipients were chosen by Canton High School staff, Schofield said.

The Cawasa Grange has also donated defibrillators for all the police cars and ambulances in Collinsville, and cameras for all the police cars.

“We also donated a spotlight on the fire truck,” Schofield said. “We feel the Harringtons would have liked to see the money go back into their town,” Schofield said.

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